5:45 she seemingly skips down the lawn, pep in her step. If i didnt know any better i wouldve sworn she hoped off the walkway. More energy than i’d seen in awhile. She opens the door and hands me flowers..they are white almost tea cup shaped, tiny flowers with a green accent leaf attached; evidence they were freshly picked from her backyard garden…Happy Mothers Day as one piece of the three dangles off slightly. She holds it up with the rest and hands them over proudly… They have a sweet smell to them. Oh, thank you so much Ms. Wynn and happy Mothers Day to you too! Im so glad we got to do this. 5:52am we rush to the beach right around the corner. Google said the sun would be up at 5:58 we pull up 5:55 in preparation for the awesome scenery. She slips up her hood, opens the car door and climbs out. I follow suite. This day is all about her experience, so I keep a close watch and follow her lead. Watching the scene in amazement she whispers…I lean ever so slightly towards her to fully grasp her entire sentence being ever so careful to not miss a word. “Its so beautiful,” her words shake out of her so delicately and smooth. If you weren’t listening you’d miss it. If every word didn’t matter all you’d hear was silence.ย  “Its amazing, after seeing something like this you have to believe there’s a God.” Her words still flowing out every so slightly…identical to the tears…single streams down her delicate wrinkled skin. She closes her eyes taking it all in, saying a prayer. Talking directly to her maker through silent sobs and sighs.ย  I stand there quietly only agreeing in all its beauty. Her hand slips from out her pocket and raises towards her hood, pulling a piece up to hide her face just a little. The sun coming up higher and higher now, its above the water and shining down through the reflection in the tiny ripples; making a clear path of sun right in front of us. She reaches her finger out almost to paint the horizon with the tip of her nail. In awe of the beauty she has just witnessed. Repeating the painting of Gods canvas of life. She stretches her arms out as if to hug every memory of this moment into her mind. All life and happiness flow through her at this moment. All memories, happy and content, she simply stands wishing the sun would continue to rise in set in front of her. Never has she felt more in tune…never has she felt more alive than in this moment. She turns and whispers, “thank you,” and steps in for a hug. Her, oh so very strong, but delicate body embrace me; kind and caring… her hand pats my back as it shakes a bit from the extension…”thank you.” “New beginnings.” “Just as the sun rose, I rise. My day can only go up from here.” ..Im glad you enjoyed it ๐Ÿ™‚ it was fun. It was life. Life is beautiful.
Happy Mothers Day 5/11/14
My Dear Friend Ms. Wynn ๐Ÿ™‚