Life hoarders

I’m a blog post hoarder. I write these- beautiful, meaningful, full of life; witt and expression posts and then just keep them. I allow myself to convince myself that, they aren’t good enough, not funny enough, too corny and even too long to post. I say, “Lundon, nobody is going to read it,” and “only you are going to think that was funny; until I decide, “well, I’ll post it at another time.” I was up to about 26 posts or “not posted blogs,” and my drafts crashed. O_o for all you people out there who have lost a document that didn’t save, pasted something and realized you never copied it or lost anything you understood how slightly traumatized I was. All of my post that I swore weren’t good enough were completely gone. Gone. Then, all of a sudden I’m wishing I posted them…realizing that I loved every word more than I wanted to admit and dissapointed that I talked myself into losing them anyway.
This is kind of like life.
Moments happen, seconds go by, situations take place, and days pass that you live and for some reason you convince yourself that it wasn’t good enough, wasn’t long enough, wasn’t warm enough, you didn’t have the time enough, the finances enough, the strength enough, the love enough, the confidence enough, enough power, will, support, energy…

And then when you look up and it’s over, or it has passed, or they grew up, you realize that instead of enjoying every minute for what it was or loving what has come from what you did; you lived life hoarding what could be memories… moments that add nutrients to your blog of life.
Live unapologetically.
No matter who approves, likes it, says thank you, notices, thinks it’s funny, polite, politically correct, too cheap, tacky, not cute, un-called for, LIVE. Live in the freedom God gives. Enjoy it. Whatever you’re hoarding, waiting for the right time, the right moment; Do it. Do it now. Post it…. before you look up and it’s gone.
Don’t hoard life’s memories. Make them.



3 thoughts on “Life hoarders

  1. I loved this ! Different from the others because it spoke to me .. I was able to relate .. Saw myself and my own stuff through well .. Yours.
    Talent.. Use it

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