Save The Tattas!

I breastfeed a 19 month old… might as well be rounded to 20. As quickly as the months come and go, I may as well round-up. I breastfeed a 19 month old. He runs around in the mud, plays football, tackles his uncles, eats everything, waves, talks, and then when he gets thirsty and doesn’t want water; which he loves…He climbs up on my lap, dragging his wet grass filled shoes across my, cute, “I don’t get out the house much, but at least I’m not wearing leggings outfit and I breastfeed my lovely son. No matter if he just finished eating a lollipop with a sticky mouth and fingers, a chip in his hand, or pizza sauce dripping off his face, I breastfeed. (he’s literally climbing on me as I type this….I am now breastfeeding.)

Now, this happens at tight fitted bleachers at football games, the pool, the park, the mall, story time; wherever he sees fit. I’m a water fountain. For all you mother’s who rave about breastfeeding their “22 month old,” and “I love nourishing my child with my body,” — yeah, great, I’m proud, my child is nourished, but uh, he’s received enough nourishment because mommy needs some fingernails and maybe her thick lushes mane backs. It’s a routine. He does it on purpose. He knows what he’s doing.

Eat a little.

Drink a little.

Save a little, just enough room for mommy.

Don’t get me wrong I love…..mmm….loved breastfeeding, but my rambunctious, almost 2-year-old could stand to cut back a little. Having nicknames as, “the tithes, the pacifier, some nip” — actually, I’m mommy and just wanna hear you say it once. I love breastfeeding– here’s the disclaimer… Everyone should breastfeed, it really is a beautiful thing, such a bond, nourishment, medicine that you may have never realized, but my rambunctious almost 2-year-old could stand to cut back, and cut back like yesterday.

My mom says she’s proud of me and she wished she nursed us longer; 5 children. The 1st, 6 months, the 2nd 3 months, 8 months, 6 months, and the last a year. She doesn’t quite understand that everyday of just NOT breastfeeding, just NOT whipping my breast out, has just snuck up on me. I’m proud also, but someone needs to spread advice in a blog, news article, on how to ween; because my almost 2-year-old could stand to cut back a little. It just doesn’t hold the same beauty when he’s walking up and ripping your clothes off, stretching my shirt out, pulling my cover off. Countless people have seen my breast, I’m sure. Because they are trying to figure out, why Im stuffing a toddler up my shirt and they soon figure out when flashed a medium-sized brown breast. Save the Tattas. Save my Titties. A cry for help; from my almost 2-year-old.

Did I mention I love…um… I loved breastfeeding?


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