Go girl ;)


I love that you’re living. The sense of sheer gratification of a moment well spent. The grin from ear to ear of pure bliss. Acknowledging you have a place in this world and are determined to find it, balance it, own it. But girl, I love that you’re living. The travel, the freedom, the joy, girl; I love that you’re living. I get it. I’ve got it. It’s good. I see it. It’s so recognizable. You know when someone is living and girl, I so love that you’re living. It’s freedom. You know it’s ok to dine alone. It’s ok if no one else goes. It’s ok if no one laughs, and you throw your head back and fall to the floor in intense giggle because you, just you find humor in the little things… because girl you’re living. It’s seeping through your pores.

It’s all over your skin.
You’re living.

When people think of living, sometimes there is only a superficial definition that comes to mind, but to live goes way deeper than simply breathing. Living, is the idea of pausing and listening to every breathe — deep — deepening the gust of wind that is taken in and out of your body. And in those pauses, being; only being grateful. When you’ve fully grasped that concept that’s when life begins. That’s when there’s life. That’s when you’re living. It’s not wanting your moments to be different, it’s basking in the full, ever present, beaming aspect of your “now;” And you see. It’ll show up. It’s noticeable. It bleeds out your skin. Living. Everybody doesn’t take part in living.

-Inspired by Kristal Smith