The truth is always the hardest pill

He rushed to the house. Mind raising. How in the world could he have let this happen. How could he have been so careless. He usually covers all his basis. But not that night. Seeking the counsel of his pastor and first lady. That night he slipped up. He slipped up and slipped into someone he actually desired. He desired her to his core. He willed for her. Since she stepped foot in that church. Since she pranced her outgoing likeable in your face personality into that place, he wanted her. In the most unpure way he desired her, but she played with him. Dangling herself at arms reach. Just close enough to desire but never closer. She knew what she was doing and now, so did he. He knew she never liked him and never would. That night her inhibitions were low and he willed for her. She trusted him and He knew it. He spent many years creating the perfect scenario. He’d tried once before but this time, this time was perfect.

But how could he have been so attached. Instead of his plan of stroking his ego at her expense; he stroked her inner pride and foregone his plan inside her. Wishing and hoping that it wouldn’t manifest to anything and things would go back as he desired. Her dangling and him desiring but he was due for another sentence.


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