Jane Doe


Jane Doe,

Hey Beautiful. Its not your fault. Don’t blame yourself for this culture. Sex is nothing to be implied. Sex is something sacred. A dance may be implied, a hug may be implied, a slightly tighter hold between two warm bodies may be implied, but Sex; Beautiful, Sex should never be implied.

If you were sober,  you would’ve said No and Beautiful, something tells me he knows that. He took the opportunity to take advantage of you. At your lowest point of judgment; whether you were knocked out, passed out, sleep, blacked out, drugged, or drunk; he took advantage of that. Don’t blame yourself Beautiful.

And Friend; don’t tell her that nothing happened. Don’t tell her that, “I’m sure he didn’t mean it.” Don’t push the fact that, “We were all drunk.”

Friend, don’t tell her that you, “You would’ve been in more pain,” if you don’t know the pain she’s going through. Don’t rationalize his actions, don’t inform her that she was dancing, “like she wanted it.” Don’t tell her that she had been flirting with him all night.

Beautiful; Flirting, Dancing, Drinking, Laughing, Smiling, Touching, Giggling, does not mean, “have sex with me.”

Beautiful; Sex should ALWAYS be consented.

Beautiful; Sex should NEVER be Implied.

Beautiful; Its Ok, to tell somebody

Beautiful; You’re still Beautiful, even though it hurts inside.